About Marp Pet Food

The idea of developing Marp pet food stemmed from our many years of experience in pet food distribution and animal nutrition. Our main aim was, and still is, to supply pet food with maximum practicality in mind. We supply Marp pet food in two basic ranges – our holistic range and our super-premium natural range.

Marp Think Holistic - nutrition without compromise

In our holistic range we present formulas that meet the strictest requirements as regards quality ingredients. Our pet foods are based on grain-free formulas with a high meat content. Thanks to our holistic tradition, our formulas contain a wide range of herbs which have a beneficial effect on the dog’s entire body. Our entire holistic range is established on this tradition – according to the principle of holistic nutrition, all ingredients used in pet food must be healthy and beneficial for the dog. In other words, suitable ingredients are essential to avoid health issues in the future – prevention is better than care. In terms of this aspect of holistic nutrition, our formulas really are traditional. The ingredients in our pet food are similar to the natural diet of canine predators in the wild. Our holistic range contains an average of 80% protein from animal sources. This is the basis for perfect musculature for your dog.

7 reasons for trying our Marp holistic pet food:
  1. top-quality ingredients (the same quality as for human consumption)
  2. high meat content and no-grain formulas
  3. traditional holistic formulas rich in herbs
  4. breed-specific formulas suitable for dogs with food allergies
  5. promotes healthy skin and perfect coat
  6. our formulas are extremely tasty and easy to digest
  7. no chemical preservatives, flavourings, corn, wheat or other inappropriate or dangerous ingredients


Marp think natural – super-premium pet food

We have two main priorities for our natural range. The first is to use top-quality ingredients. The second priority is to assure that our formulas are as practical as possible through the use of a limited range of ingredients. One main source of protein, one main source of carbohydrates. We are convinced that fewer ingredients means more nutrition. Our formulas are ideal for healthy dogs as well as dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. Marp natural pet foods soothe your dog's digestion and assure healthy skin, a glossy coat and perfect musculature. We place great emphasis on assuring that our formulas taste delicious. The only practical pet food is food which dogs eat and enjoy.

7 reasons for trying our Marp natural pet food:
  1. top-quality ingredients
  2. hypoallergenic recipe for allergy and sensitive dogs
  3. extremely tasty and easy to digest
  4. soothe the digestion and guarantee healthy skin, a glossy coat and perfect musculature
  5. one main source of protein
  6. no cheap ingredients such as wheat, corn or soy
  7. o chemical preservatives, flavouring or artificial colours

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